Sunday, February 5, 2012

sleepy sunday

falling asleep at night is getting harder and harder as my pregnancy progresses. i can feel exhausted during the evening but as soon as my head hits the pillow it's as if i'm wide awake again & can lay there for what seems like (and sometimes is) hours before sleep takes me away. once i do fall asleep it's tricky to stay that way, a growing belly isn't always such a comfortable thing and the bathroom breaks with a little one on my bladder are becoming more and more frequent.

but, last night, 4 am rolled around and sleep was still eluding me. mike had come home early from work (he works overnights) so he was awake with me, lying in bed. he layed there with his hand resting on my belly feeling that little life inside of me bumbling around & it was so precious. after a little while he decided to play some music for sweet baby noah and set his phone over my belly. it was so fun to watch the phone bump around to the music to the beat of noah moving below it, our little boy is growing so big & strong.

i'm so exhausted this morning before i head off to church with my mom but every yawn will be worth it remembering the smile on mikes face last night watching our little love dance around below his hands & wiggling around to some great music provided by his papa.

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