Tuesday, January 31, 2012

having a cold is noooo fun

i was hoping to snap a "30 weeks pregnant" shot this week before we hit 31 weeks on thursday but it's not looking like it's going to happen. mike has been sick with a cold for probably close to a week now and since i've been taking care of him i've come down with a cold as well. being 30 weeks pregnant, feeling a little wobbly and quite a bit achey doesn't really mix that well when you add sickness on top of it. i've been trying to forgo taking any medications for it, i don't really want anything unnecessary getting into noah's little system.

on another note, i had my glucose screening test last week. to be honest, i don't think i've ever tasted anything so foul, ever. that glucose drink was awful. i did feel pretty good about getting back good results though, i'd fasted since before 10 pm the previous night and drank lots and lots of water before and after the glucose drink. but my doctors office called back the following monday and said my levels had been very slightly elevated, i was at 148 & should have only been at 140. needless to say i now have to do the three hour test and drink more of that wonderful glucose concoction. i just keep reminding myself that it's all for noah and making sure he's the healthiest that he can possibly be.

we're down to about nine weeks before his due date now and we're just getting started on the nursery. i'm really excited for some fun projects we're doing though. most of his room will be little diy things with a few store bought/ thrifted decorations. i'm doing a a really cute embroidery hoop collage with different printed fabrics. also collaging a few adorable little prints & possibly doing a little "noah" name banner. we're painting the wall his crib is on and the little nook where his changing table will be in an accent color, we're also hoping to find some rustic wooden crates to either stack or mount on the wall to make little bookcases out of. and i still need to find some cute curtains and odds & ends to tie it all together. it sounds like quite a bit but i'm sure it will all start falling into place (at least i'm telling myself this to avoid stressing out! hehe)

now, i just need this cold to leave me alone so i can set the wheels in motion and feel a little more human again :)


  1. awww... colds are NO fun! feel better darling!

    lots of fluids and snuggles!
    have a lovely tuesday!
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    hugs, xo
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  2. thank you, you're right, colds are no fun at all. hoping it wont keep me down too much longer :)

    have a great day!