Sunday, January 8, 2012

27 weeks & new hair!

so, this past thursday placed me at 27 weeks pregnant & i think i see less and less of my feet with every passing day! as of today, noah's due date is only 89 days away . . . boy do i need to get going on his nursery, i have so many fun projects in store for it that i can't wait to start on!

yesterday i was able to spend the entire day with my sweet mom and adorable little niece, grace, a little bit of a girls day out! the day started off with a haircut appointment for me, goodbye nearly 8 inches of hair! my goodness, my head feels so much lighter and my hair feels so much healthier . . . i'd been growing it for nearly two years with next to no trims in there so it was just a little damaged. afterwards we were off to shop for baby noah's nursery! we found an adorable little picture frame for one of his ultrasound pictures, a little cross with the part of the bible verse 1 samuel 1:27, "for this child i have prayed" to hang on his wall, we thrifted a little lamp for his dresser that we'll paint a new color and i also picked up a vintage inspired photo box to hold all of the cards from my baby shower, noah's birth announcement from the newspaper and any little trinkets from his early days. i was also really excited to pick up some printed fabrics to start on the embroidery hoop collage i'm hanging above his changing table, it's going to be so cute & i can't wait to get started!

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