Thursday, May 10, 2012

piggies in the grass

mike, noah & i decided to head up to kirkwood last week to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and visit our favorite little custard stand. i crave their peanut butter & brownie or peanut butter & cookie dough literally all fall and winter long! missouri weather here lately has been so warm, it feels more like summer than spring. we love being able to take noah outside and let him feel the warm breeze & on this day put his piggies in the grass for the very first time!




  1. Are you from Kirkwood?! I have two friends from there! And they lived on the same block as each other growing up but I met them at separate times in separate states. How crazy is that? I want to go to this Kirkwood place... it sounds amazing!

    1. my husband and i really want to live in kirkwood but it's a bit too far with his job a little further south. we go there so much during the summer though for the yummy custard station and walking around the downtown area! you'd love it! :)

  2. What a cutie! Sounds like a great day! We let number two lay in the grass as number one ran around with bubbles!

  3. What fun! That little cutie will be crawling through the grass before you know it! (Unless he's anything like mine who seems to have no desire to crawl.:) Found you via Bits of Splendor. Take care.

  4. So so precious!! peanut butter and cookie dough? What?! Yes please!