Wednesday, March 7, 2012

35 weeks & a date day with my love

the days are growing fewer & fewer that we'll be a little family of two. noah's due date was exactly one month from yesterday & it just boggles my mind how nearly nine months have come and gone! mike and i decided to go out for a little afternoon picnic in one of our favorite places. we also just found out that mike's work approved three weeks off of paid medical leave time when the baby comes. we feel so, so blessed that we'll be able to spend our first month as a new family completely together. 


  1. lacey! i had to stop by and congratulate you two on your baby! i'm sure the emergency c-section was scary, but how exciting that your baby is HERE!! i'm just so excited for you. can't wait to join you in the mommy club!

  2. thank you so much! we were shocked that we'd be having him join us early but also so, so excited, who's going to complain about an extra three weeks with their little one right? haha we're both doing great, God really watched over us through the entire pregnancy and labor & delivery. Mike and I feel so blessed to have Noah. I hope that your pregnancy is going well still and that you'll be joining me as a mommy soon, it really is the best :)