Monday, February 20, 2012

little diy project: vintage suitcase book holder for noah's shower

noah's baby shower is right around the corner & i'm a sucker for anything handmade. i saw a really adorable vintage suitcase being used to hold wedding cards in a photo online & decided to replicate the idea for the books in lieu of a card idea for our baby shower.

i didn't think to take any step by step photos as i went along but the process was incredibly simple. i just picked a font i liked and made a "books" stencil from it, used an exacto knife to cut it out into cardboard & painted it an antique gold. i bought tiny clothes pins to hang it from ribbon on the inside of the suitcase. i also used a songbird stencil from here . . . for the little birds resting on the inner edge.

i know it kind of goes against "official baby shower rules" for me to do anything shower related to help, but i would literally be going out of my mind if i weren't helping a little. i've only done a couple small diy projects but plan on using them all in noah's nursery after the shower anyways so i'm not really breaking a rule as opposed to "bending" it, right? haha

p.s. a little sneak peak of our puppy shelly "shell-bell" in the background haha

bits of splendor monday


  1. that is awesome and very creative!

  2. Ok I just LOVE this. You could do this for a lot of things. So creative! Now to find me a suitcase.....

    Can't wait to see pictures from the shower!

    Thanks for sharing this lacey!!

  3. Thank you Laura! I'm so excited for your Bits of Splendor Mondays :)