Thursday, February 16, 2012


obsessing over: getting noah's nursery ready for his arrival in around seven weeks! we have so many little projects that we're doing in there that i feel a little swamped trying to get it all done. my sweet hubby will be painting the walls tomorrow a really sweet shade of light blue. and today i lured him into spray painting some old picture frames for me that will hold some adorable new prints to collage onto the wall. i also did a "framed fabric" embroidery hoop project that is all over pinterest right now, so cute.

working on: trying not to feel so swamped with all of the little details, as mentioned above. and just really enjoy the end of my pregnancy & the time that is left where it will just be mike and i as a family of two. we're so excited for noah to get here, i'm not sure whether these last seven weeks will drag on forever (because we want him to be here so badly.) OR if they'll fly by because we still have so much left to do before his arrival.

thinking about:how it's been really nice that mike has been off for the last couple of days. i'll be a SAHM with noah and am currently already gone from my job so sometimes the days get really lonely since baby boy isn't here yet to occupy my time. it's just really nice to hangout with mike, we're big homebodies so we like to relax, make dinner and have movie nights a lot when he's off. with his job he works a lot of evenings and overnights and then has to sleep most of the day before he heads back into work. so these days off are definitely precious.

anticipating: our 33 week checkup tomorrow & getting to hear noah's heartbeat, i feel so blessed that mike makes it to every single one of our doctors appointments. i'm also looking forward to a HUGE baby yard sale that mom and i are going to bright and early saturday morning. and then next week mike and i have another checkup appointment for noah and we're doing an ultrasound that day!

listening to: i've really liked mumford & sons for quite awhile but i've been obsessed for the past few days with "white blank page", i think mike might be getting tired of me playing it constantly haha

eating: probably my biggest pregnancy craving lately has been strawberries and peanut butter cups. they're so yummy! i'm leaning more towards the strawberries obviously and only treating myself with peanut butter cups haha

wishing: that mike & i could get away for a little trip before noah gets here. it's most likely not going to happen but he is taking a few vacation days at the beginning of march so i'm super excited to just be able to hangout together for a few days without him having to worry about work at all.

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