Friday, December 2, 2011

tis the season

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tomorrow is the annual Christmas holiday festival in sainte genevieve and i'm so excited to be tagging along with my mom and sister to take grace to it this year! i don't think that she's ever been before and it should be a lot of fun, there are a lot of activities, it's an all day event both saturday and sunday. i'm looking forward to the Christmas carolers, parade and live nativity scene as well as artist showcases and live instrumental music. it's always fun when my hometown has activities because it's a very tiny town but "the oldest west of the mississippi river" so we have a lot of historical and traditional happenings. and i love being able to spend time with my niece, she is such a fun little girl and i know she'll be wonderful with baby noah once he arrives.

 mike has to sleep most of the day because he worked overnight last night and will again tonight so i'll spend this afternoon watching girly television and making treats! i'm whipping up some yummy chocolate covered pretzels, one of my favorite holiday treats and maybe some chocolate covered oreos . . . ? being pregnant makes me crave very random things. and i love every minute of it, i've been very blessed to have a healthy "easy" pregnancy so far. i really do love being pregnant ♥


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