Thursday, December 1, 2011

the here and now

Obsessing over: getting noah's (we decided on a name for our baby boy!)  nursery put together! we found some adorable vintagey beatrix potter, peter rabbit prints to hang. we're planning on doing a little painting, and possible some kind of wall decal by his crib. we also still need to find a dresser for all of his cute little clothes.

Working on: not much, and it feels kind of nice. the only big thing on my plate right now is unpacking some boxes from the old house we moved out of. we also have a few things left to get out of the old place tomorrow before we're totally done there. then just some organizing around the apartment; we accumulated a house worth of stuff and are now trying to fit it into an apartment with way less storage space.

Thinking about: baby noah, always. i think about how much i love feeling those little kicks and nudges that he gives me, mostly at night time and how special and blessed i feel when he's moving around. i'm also thinking about spending time with grace today and what a fun little niece she is and how having her tag along maternity clothes shopping with mike and i today should be pretty interesting.

Anticipating: Christmas! it is by far my favorite holiday, i love having our Christmas tree up, the lights on the houses as we pass by. spending time at my parents/grammy's house and my mother in laws house are so special to me and something i can't wait for us to share with baby noah next christmas.

Listening to: the hum of the computer and the wooshing sound of the dishwasher. mike is still asleep so i'm trying to keep it pretty quiet in the apartment.

Drinking: water, the usual. although, i've been on a little orange juice kick during my second trimester.

Wishing:  for the impossible, that time would slow down a speed up all at once. slow down, because i feel like we have so much left to do before noah arrives, so many things to get read. but, speed up, because i am so excited to meet our little boy and can't wait to have him in my arms everyday.

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