Friday, November 25, 2011

so much to be thankful for . . .

happy thanksgiving!

mike and i spent today with his side of the family, it was so nice because we aren't able to get together that often. we spent the day just sitting around visiting and had a delicious meal, thanksgiving dinner is something i look forward to for a long time before it actually arrives!

wednesday was also such a special day because we had our 20 week ultrasound appointment that i've been looking forward to for the whole month of november. we learned that the baby is very healthy, the expected size for being 21 weeks along, ten little fingers, ten little toes, a heartbeat of 163 . . . and . . . we found out that we're expecting a little boy!!!! i honestly had no motherly instinct kick in either way hinting at "boy" or "girl" for the entire length of my pregnancy; when the ultrasound tech announced that we were having a little boy my heart melted and i definitely teared up, i'm so excited! it was so special not only because mike & i were there together but because we also had our parents with us, it was a beautiful moment for everyone. it was awesome to see all of the movements our little boy was making, he likes to wiggle his little piggies thats for sure! i started feeling him move around the middle of november, it feels like little butterfly wings . . . he's mommys little wiggle worm. being pregnant is the most amazing experience of my life, i've been very blessed with a healthy pregnancy to this point and i'm so grateful. i can't wait to see what these next 19 weeks of pregnancy bring and all of the wonderful experiences with our little boy after!


  1. Awe, congratulations on you baby boy!! Your words are so sweet!! :)

  2. thank you so much sarah! we are over the moon and feel incredibly blessed already by this little guy :)