Thursday, November 10, 2011

here and around the corner

i'm so excited to be starting this blog. i've started paper journals many, many times in hopes of documenting different experiences and life events. for me, words just seem to flow better when i'm typing them as opposed to writing them with pen and paper. so here is to hoping that i will follow through and keep up with this blog!

just a little information about me for anyone who may read this. my name is lacey! hi, nice to meet you! i have a wonderful husband named mike, who i have been married to for just over three years. we have our first little baby on the way, we're due spring 2012 (& finding out if we're expecting a boy or a girl in just under two weeks!!) we also have a puppy baby named shelly or "shell-bell" that we love to pieces, she's a silly, lovable girl.

anyway, i'm planning on using this blog to document our life and adventures we have along the way! until later, many blessings your way!

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